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HP Omen 15 – Refreshing gamelaptop


Choosing a gaming laptop is not always easy. After all, you are bound to your choice for a considerable time and it is not the smallest amounts. We started with the HP Omen 15 to find out how this machine functions as a game laptop.

With a gaming device you may start with the specifications, which is completely logical, but depending on your taste, it is not unimportant to choose one that suits you in terms of appearance. The appearance of gaming hardware is generally dark in recent years, with many RGB and cool fonts, while this may not be what everyone is waiting for.

HP’s Omen line has distinguished itself since its launch with its own vision of the well-known formula and with the Omen 15 the appearance is still a success due to the red accents, striped patterns and geometrical forms subtly applied. Fortunately, you do not have to be ashamed if you use publicly with an Omen 15. Dust and dirty fingers are incidentally fast but do not form a big obstacle.


Perhaps the finest feature of the HP Omen 15 is the panel. This IPS panel with beautiful colours and an impressive viewing angle has a refresh rate of 144Hz, resulting in a smooth display of action-packed games. The screen is also equipped with support for G-sync, the technology that greatly reduces tearing. Unfortunately, this has an impact on the battery life of the laptop. Now with a gambling laptop of this calibre, it is common that there is not long to be gammed on the battery, but because the G-sync cannot be turned off, this also has an impact on the number of hours that the battery lasts when other activities are performed. Charging takes about two hours to get from 10% to 100%.

In addition to the performance of the screen, the thin bezel is immediately visible. This development in game laptops is becoming more and more prominent and the HP Omen shows how important this is for the user experience. Because the bezel is thinner, a larger screen fits into a smaller housing. This makes it possible to play on a screen of reasonable size without being too much of a laptop.

Just as important as the screen is the way the graphics are conjured up on the screen. The HP Omen 15 features an i7-CPU that operates on 4.1 GHz and an Nvidia TGX 1060 video card, with which most games can be played at a high setting with ease. Furthermore, the laptop has 16 GB of RAM, which is also more than enough for most gamers. For the demanding user, there is a second lock for extra memory. In terms of hard disk space, the device is equipped with an SSD of 256 GB and a normal hard disk of 1 TB. As far as we are concerned, the size of the SSD should have been slightly larger, but unfortunately, SSD’s of more than 256Gb are not yet the standard in this price category.

The comfortable keyboard is not equipped with RGB lighting. Instead, there is a red light present, which fits well with the overall appearance of the laptop. By adding a number pad, the layout of the keys is complete enough to be able to do other things as well. The touchpad contains two good buttons and a somewhat small area for mouse movements. For general matters, the touchpad is sufficient and for game sessions, a mouse is logically mandatory.

With connections for HDMI, Ethernet, Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, USB-C, Mini-Display and a headphone jack, there are no defects to be detected. An optical drive is not present, which is no surprise today.


For testing the HP Omen 15, we started working with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on all kinds of different settings. View the results below. In order to keep the results consistent, we did not do any tinkering and other settings such as V-Sync and anti-aliasing. By adjusting this, a higher framerate can be achieved.


The HP Omen 15 offers excellent performance for its price range with a particularly fine screen thanks to 144Hz and G-sync. The subtle design, combined with the thin bezel, provides a refined appearance. The fact that the battery can get too hot and does not last a long time is not ideal but is not a big problem for most users.

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